Full Automatic Transformation Measuring Equipment Standard Type

A specimen in dia.=3 x L=10 mm with thermocouple dia.=0.2R welded on one side is inserted into a quartz tube and a quartz rod is set as shown in the drawing.  The specimen is heated in radio frequency induction coils and cooled by cooling media sprayed through nozzles on inner coil by grasping thermal dilation by differential transformer during the process, transformation of metallic structure of iron and steel and also thermal treatment characteristics can be measured / recorded.  Temperatures, dilation quantity and time data memorized in the data logger are read out and automatically operated / analyzed = transformation temperature detected so that CCT / TTT curves are obtained.
<Specification >
* Heating Rate 100 deg.C / sec.
* Cooling Rate 300 deg.C / sec.   ( He: 900 to 400 deg.C )
* Dilation Range 50, 100, 250, 500 micro-m /FS
* Vacuum 10-3 Pa. order
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