Sub-Zero Type Full Automatic Transformation Measuring Equipment

This is a full automatic transformation temperature measuring equipment detecting various kinds of transformation temperatures of metallic material structure, specifically of iron and steel structure through curves of [ Time – Temperature Dilation ].
Highly precise reproducibility of temperature history and dilation measurement is possible in wide range of temperature from 1400 deg.C down to minus 150 deg.C by introduction both of radio frequency induction heating system and gas spray cooling system.
Particularly in the low temperature range from 1200 deg.C down to minus 150 deg.C, the low temperature gas spray generation mechanism by medium of liquefied gas - low temperature gas Spray cooling system - allows to do optional temperature program setting for heating and cooling. This makes it possible precisely to reproduce temperature history and to measure transformation temperature following dilation change rate in accordance to structural changes ( transformation phenomena ) during the temperature reproducing process.
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* Heating Rate 100 deg.C / sec.
* Cooling Rate 300 deg.C / sec.  ( He: 900 to 400 deg.C )
   5 deg.C / min.  ( LN
2: R.T to minus 100 deg.C )
* Dilation Range 50, 100, 250, 500  m /FS
* Vacuum 10-3 Pa. order

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