Multi-Axis Deformation type Thermomechanical Simulator

1 Allows heat treatment simulation test on mechanical specimens of dimensions that can be easily fabricated.
2 Incorporates compression mechanism and specimen rotating mechanism using a pair of actuators which allows multi-axis deformation, that is again compressing specimen (equipped with repetition function) after rotating it immediately after Compressing.
3 Employs a floating support mechanism for freely changing position linked with movement of actuator to prevent application of un necessary force to specimen before and after deformation.
4 Since the actuators are positioned at opposite sides of specimen, first deformation is performed in one direction by conventional method and then specimen can be deformed simultaneously from both sides by synchronized operation.
5 High frequency induction heating and electric resistance heating systems, having independent temperature control mechanism, are used for heating specimen and dies.
Following things can be obtained by combining the features of these mechanisms. @
1) Plus-minus 10 thermal uniformity can be achieved in processing temperature and temperature hold and temperature rise of specimen after hot working.
2) Since deformation jigs and specimen can be heated by independent heating source, there is no drop in temperature of specimen due to contact of specimen with deformation dies at the time of deformation.
6 Desired heat treatment curve or microstructure fixation at arbitrary temperature can be achieved through combination or natural cooling, gas cooling, mist cooling, shower cooling and jet cooling systems.
7 Desired testing environment can be achieved by automated exhaust and atmosphere gas Systems.

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