Equipments for Material Test & Research

  Hot Working Test and Research

  Heat Treatment Test and Research 
formastor-F® formastor-FⅡ® formastor-Ft® formastor-FZ®
Thin Plate Heat Treatment Simulator Wire Heat Treatment Simulator

  Welding / Bonding Test and Research Equipments
Surface Melt / Quick Welding Weld Thermal / Restraint Stress and Strain Cycle Simulator High Temperature Vacuum Rolling and Bonding Equipment
Diffusion Bonding Equipment Automatic Fine Precise Thermal Cycle Simulator
Quick Heating / Cooling Thermal Cycle Simulator

  Melting / Solidification Test and Research Equipment
Levitation Melting Horizontal Zone Melting / Refining Vertical Zone Melting Continuous Casting Simulator

  High Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
High Frequency Induction Vacuum Melting Furnace Semi-Melt Type FRM Manufacturing Furnace High Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

  Friction, Wear and Thermal Stress / Fatigue Test and Research Equipments
Roll Friction Testing High Temperature Friction Test and Research Turbine Blade Thermal Stress Fatigue Test Thermal  Fatigue Test Equipment

  Material Production / Test and Research Equipments
Twin Roll Type Amorphous Metals Manufacturing Equipment Single Roll Type Amorphous Metals Manufacturing Equipment Atomized Powder Manufacturing Equipment

  Other Equipments relating to Our Products
Thermocouple Welder (1) Thermocouple Welder (2)
Arc Percussion Welder
Thermocouple Tight Fastener Heating and Cooling Controller

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