High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer
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The High Eec Dryer is a wood drying furnace which wood stored within a vacuum chamber at high frequency, and produces a high yield of high quality dried wood, within short period of time. The boiling point of water is 100 degree C at atmospheric pressure(760mmHg). However, at reduced pressure, water boils at lower temperatures. Generally, reduced pressure drying of wood is conducted at a pressure of 40-60mmHg, and in such conditions, the wood is dried at a lower temperature, as the boiling temperature under such pressure is approximately 34-41 degree C. High frequency heating is also known as interior heating as the object to be heated generates heat by itself, and an object can be evenly heated within a short time. The high frequency reduced pressure drying method has many features not found in other drying methods.

*Moisture content distribution
*Drying Day(s)
*Block Diagram of System
*Standard Specifications
*Optional Equipment
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