Optional Equipment
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 Please make good use of special specifications for improved efficiency and functions.

Stainless Vacuum Chamber

Requiring no rust preventive coating, this can facilitates maintenance.

Heat Insulation for peripheral Equipments

A hot air heater is used to prevent water circuits from freezing in cold distinct.

Automatic Carriage

This carriage advanced into the vacuum chamber.

Pallet Loading System

Preparation of two pallets with electrode shortens the material loading time.

Traversing Carriage

Effective use of floor space to be realized by this carriage shortens the material loading time.

Rectangular Vacuum Chamber

The shape of vacuum cans is square when the capacity and material width exceed 135CFM and 1500mm respectively.

Data Logging System

Computer controlled Data Logging system supports recording and analyzing process parameters, temperature, pressure, power, voltage, drain water, ie ,for excellent drying quality.

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We have been supplying more than 200 set of High Elec Dryer to our customers since 1970.
We are ready to design various industries the most suitable equipment for the vacuum-defrosting foodstuffs, ceramics, clays, fibers, plaster, paper and pulp, fish and meat.
Vacuum drying tests will be conducted on any wood sample. Please call us or send e-mail to us for details, we will sure satisfy your requirements about drying with our engineering staffs and many experiences.

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