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1. Greatly Reduced Drying Time
The surface and interior of wood is evenly heated by high frequency energy. In this drying method, the surface temperature of the wood lowers due to the release of heat and the evaporation of moisture, and thus the interior has a higher temperature than the surface. The vapor pressure difference caused by this surface and the interior temperature difference makes the interior moisture to move towards the surface. For this reason, the drying time of the wood is cut to one-third the time of the hot air drying method, and to one-tenth in the case of wood with good permiability.

2. Lower Temperature Drying (Constant Quality)
Wood drying at low temperature highly humid environment enable complete free from cracks & distortions as well as retain its hue & luster.

3. Easy Drying of Thick Wood & Wood with high Moisture Content
High Frequency interior heating heats & dries the interior of thick wood simultaneously. The high frequency easily absorbs moisture, and unevenness of moisture content at the initial stage will be balanced out in the drying process.

4. No Need for Stiffener Piling
Time consuming stiffener piling is unnecessary for high frequency heating. The inside of the vacuum chamber can be efficiently used, and wood which can easily warp, veneer, etc. can be dried while pressure is applied to flatten it.

5. Prevention of Oozing Resin (Quality improvement)
High frequency pressure reduced drying dissipates and stiffens resin in wood and prevents it from oozing out. Therefore, natura1 oils within the wood are maintained, and b good
luster quality wood can be produced.

6. Automatic Operation Under Optimum Heating Conditions
The High ElecDryer automatically conducts efficient operation, by controlling the high frequency output under optimum conditions while measuring the drying condition of wood continuously in accordance with the drying progress.
Patent Journal No.61-46955

7. Easy Operation
Just push the cart loaded with wood into the tank, close the tank, and press the start button. Operation is automatically performed in accordance to the preset program.

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